Sunday, January 9, 2011

Fremantle Village Art Market / New Items!

Happy New Year, Everyone!

 I had a stall at the Fremantle Village Art Market for my first stall in 2011!
Fremantle Village Art Market is every Saturday from 10:00am to 4:00pm in Kings Square ( just in front of Myer). 

It was great atmosphere under the beautiful tree, everyone enjoy visiting all interesting stalls and live music. I really enjoyed to see all talented musicians.

I displayed my new items, shopping Bags!  Basically I used Indian fabric and of course some Japanese fabric for the applique. I had a lot of nice comments from customers already.  They are colorful and so cute!
All designs are different, so please ask me to send each items photos if you are interested.
Thank you for shopping in my stall. I'm coming back again. See you soon!

I'm going back to Japan from 17th of Jan to 6th of Feb for attending the Quilting Expo Tokyo and bringing back more beautiful and interesting items. I'm planning to take a lot of interesting  photos in Tokyo and to put them on this page, so don't forget about me! 

Please request me if you want me to bring something special back to Australia from Japan, especially  fabric, paper, KIMONO and more( not SUSHI).

Thursday, December 23, 2010

New Release YUZEN WASHI Paper ( Rice Paper)

A lot of new items from Japan arrived recently.   I 'm showing some beautiful rice paper today.
Those paper is used for craft activities such as card making, scrapbook, wrapping paper or just collection. I also saw some artists in the craft markets were using  those paper for necklaces as well
However, a lot of  my customers say that " It's too beautiful to cut! I just put it in the frame!"
Story about YUZEN WASHI
Yuzen Miyazaki from NOTO ( north Japan) used be a fan artist . He developed his art work in Kanazawa. His art works were used for KIMONO, paper and more since his art works got so popular in Kyoto in EDO period / Ganroku period ( 1688-1703). His art works are still very popular in the all over the world :)
Yuzen Miyazaki ( 1653-1736)
TheThe size is quite big 46 x 60.5cm! The price is $13 each. It's bargain, isn't it?!   
Japanese rice paper is nice and strong as well!  The idea how to use them is all up to you! 
Please visit " Paper" in my web site for more items. Thank you.       
  Merry Christmas      
I wish you have lovely Christmas!  

Saturday, December 18, 2010

New Handmade Items

1. T-skirt
This is combination of the T-shirt & short skirt which is called T-skirt (?!)
I recommend you to wear the leggings or denim pants under. $45.00

2. TENUGUI denim Skirt 
TENUGUI is Japanese traditional cloth which is used for cleaning, hand towel, wrapping something and more. I put two different TENUGUI on the denim skirt. TENUGUI print is lovely SASHIKO.  It's nice & comfortable and free size. $38.00

3. UME ( a plum tree) T-shirt 
We can see the beautiful UME in the beginning of spring in Japan. $30.00

4. Balloon Denim Skirt
I used YUKATA (summer KIMONO) for this skirt. $40.00

Important  I got my domain name. My new web address is
I put more new items on my web site. Please visit

See you soon!

Monday, December 13, 2010

The Sunset Market in Victoria Hall Fremantle

We had great night in the Victoria Hall in Fremantle!!

The organizers for this market did really good job!  Especially, MARABOU owner put a lot of effort for making great displays. I loved her tree so much! I think that was the symbol of this market on the poster.

We had so many incredible artists in the market and all visitors were enjoying the atmosphere, band and off course shopping! My favorite artist in this market was the Designer & Applied Artist, Jill Yates! She had a stall just in front of me and just impressed me all the time when she was showing her fantastic fabrics to the customers.
This is my favorite fabric, but it was so difficult to choose one from her designs as each designs are so different and amazing! Please contact Jill  if you want to see more incredible designs. 
Jill Yates ( / 0409 370 010)

 I really enjoyed their music!  Anybody knows the band name??

Thank you for shopping in my stall. See you next time.